Project category: Commissions


Poster for music artist Gryffin with supporting acts by Shallou and GhostDragon.

Client: Another Planet Entertainment

Do You See What I See?

Cover typography for The New York Times for Kids, featuring 12 optical illusions that will leave you feeling dizzy.

Art Director: Debra Bishop

Back to Life

Typography for an article in WIRED, UK about reincarnating celebrities as holograms.

The State

Typography for Texas Monthly’s new lifestyle sections, created in conjunction with their recent magazine and website redesign.

Creative Director: T.J. Tucker


We were commissioned to work with the Converse global brand design team to help develop the typography and arrangement for their new visual identity.

The star chevron remains the focal point and is leveraged as part of their heritage, which is also representative of a company that is moving forward. The new wordmark is inspired by aspects of past typographic approaches, which have graced the Converse word throughout their 108 year history.

November l3th

Fedrigoni 365 is a project by design studio TM inviting designers across the UK to contribute to Fedrigoni’s 2018 calendar. The result comprises 365 unique numerical typographic artworks.

Our date was November 13th, 2018.

Paradigm Shift

IBM Systems Magazine

Typographic image for an article identifying a shift from selective encryption to full pervasive encryption.

Display Typeface

Display typeface for Future Science, Culture & Technology magazine WIRED, UK.

Creative Director: Andrew Diprose
Art Director: Mary Lees

More Light More Power

Typographic art print commissioned to mark 150 years of Shoreditch Town Hall.

The work visualizes the words ‘More Light, More Power’, a motto displayed alongside the Borough’s coat of arms.

In the early 1900’s the London Borough of Shoreditch adopted the motto ‘More Light, More Power’ through efforts to harness the benefits of electricity, with a strong emphasis on improving the lives of local people. Through this desire for progression, Shoreditch has become one of the world’s leading lights for innovation and creativity.


Typography for an article in WIRED, US about young hackers who are destined to dominate technology and shape our future.