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Neuro X — Typeface

Neuro X

Neuro X is a narrow sans serif typeface consisting of three weights with additional rounded versions and matching italics.

It was first drawn as an exploration for a headline font and later expanded on to become a full typeface family. Neuro X explores the extremities of narrow proportions whilst also allowing for eccentric cuts. The typeface has been tightly monospaced and intended for use at larger sizes as a display but can also work at smaller scales for the more courageous among us.

Available now at MyFonts


Features opener for Future Science, Technology and Culture magazine, WIRED UK.

Fluent UI

Microsoft approached us to create an alternative typographic take on their Fluent UI logotype which uses their brand typeface Segoe. The idea was that our more expressive version would transform to become Segoe in its rested state. We built and modelled type that took the proportions of Segoe and elevated it, making it technical, physical and transformative. This served as the opener for an animated film introducing Fluent UI at the Microsoft Build 2020 conference.

Fluent UI is a collection of UX frameworks — a cross-platform, open-source approach that enables people to contribute and improve on the design-to-code system.

Direction + Animation: Vincent Schwenk & Vitaly Grossmann
Typography: Sawdust
Sound design: Zelig Sound
Art direction: Nando Costa



A short film about love — its power, tension, beauty, and the destruction caused by its loss. The piece explores the polarity between a strong outer appearance and fragility.

Music: Sawdust

Available | SuperRare


Cover art for The Hollywood Reporter.

The unprecedented shutdown of movie theaters and entertainment production caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has upended Hollywood and there may never be a return to normal. The article takes an inside look at how the industry prepares to adapt.

Creative Director: Peter Cury

Creators Unite

Adidas invited us to take part in an explorative study utilising their brand mark, brand typefaces and also customised and uniquely made type.

The broad emphasis was on play & disruption, along with everything that goes in between. We were encouraged to manipulate, hack, customise, break, distort and combine to create expressive, playful compositions — this is a selection of our favourites.


Cover art for New Scientist. We’re here because it isn’t. We’re about to find out why.

Art Director: Kathryn Brazier


This print pays homage to an excerpt from Carl Sagan’s book Pale Blue Dot. Sagan was inspired by an image taken, at his own suggestion, by Voyager 1 on February 14, 1990. As the spacecraft moved towards the outer edges of our solar system, engineers turned it around to gaze upon our tiny planet. Voyager 1 was approximately 4 billion miles away when it captured a portrait of earth, appearing only as a tiny point of light, a pale blue dot.

Sagan later described our planet as “a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam”.

Created for CommUNITY, a collaborative project between Mucho & San Francisco Design Week (SFDW).


Poster for music artist Gryffin with supporting acts by Shallou and GhostDragon.

Client: Another Planet Entertainment